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Cottage Cheese Donuts

Ingredients for making cottage cheese donuts

  1. Curd 500 grams
  2. Sugar 5 tablespoons with a slide
  3. Baking soda 1 teaspoon
  4. Table vinegar for quenching soda
  5. 5 eggs
  6. Wheat flour 3 cups
  7. Salt 1 pinch
  8. Vegetable oil for frying
  9. Powdered sugar to taste
  • Main Ingredients Eggs, Cottage Cheese, Flour, Sugar
  • Serving 8 servings


Blender or strainer, Tablespoon, 250g glass, Teaspoon, Mixer, Coffee cup or small bowl, Medium bowl, Kitchen table, Knife, Plastic bottle cap or glass 50g, Cauldron with a thick bottom, Kitchen stove, Skimmer , Flat serving dish, Kitchen gloves, Small bowl, Rolling pin, Kitchen paper towels

Cooking cottage cheese donuts:

Step 1: prepare the cottage cheese.

Before making the donuts, we need to grind the cottage cheese so that there are no lumps in the dish. There are two ways to do this. First: put the component in a sieve and carefully knead a tablespoon over a small bowl.

This is a rather tedious process, so I usually use the second method: chop the cottage cheese in the blender bowl at high speed for 1-2 minutes. Using a tablespoon, transfer the prepared component to a small bowl and leave it aside for a while.

Step 2: prepare the egg-sugar mass.

Using a knife, we break the egg shell, and pour the whites and yolks into the mixer bowl. Pour sugar here and beat thoroughly at medium speed until a homogeneous, dense mass is formed. Attention: try to mix the ingredients so that sugar does not remain at the bottom.

Step 3: prepare the flour.

Using a glass, pour the flour into small sieve in small portions and sift it over a medium bowl. This must be done in order to make the donuts airy and very tender.

Step 4: prepare the dough.

In a small bowl with cottage cheese, pour the egg-sugar mass and mix everything thoroughly with a tablespoon.

After that, pour baking soda into a coffee cup or small bowl and pour a small amount of vinegar. Shake everything thoroughly with improvised equipment and so on until it stops hissing. This will allow us to avoid the taste of soda in the donuts.

Pour this mixture into a container with curd mass, add a pinch of salt and again mix everything well with a tablespoon.
Now we transfer the mass to a bowl with sifted flour and with clean hands knead the dough. Attention: it should turn out to be a little rare and stick slightly to the hands. Immediately after this, you can start cooking donuts.

Step 5: form the cottage cheese donuts.

Sprinkle a small amount of flour on the kitchen table and carefully spread the dough. Hands make it a "sausage", rolling on a flat surface. Important: if the dough still sticks to your hands, then the table can be sprinkled with flour.
Now with the help of a knife we ​​cut the “sausage” into thick pieces no more than 1 centimeter.

Dip them on both sides in flour and give a circle shape. Attention: you can use a rolling pin for this, but I usually knead the pieces into flat cakes with clean hands.

Squeeze a large glass of dough, making a smooth edge of the donut. Then, in the center, do the same with a bottle cap or a small glass (I usually use the second inventory), so that we get beautiful pastries with a hole inside. Attention: roll the balls from the rest of the dough. When all the donuts are formed, you can begin to prepare them.

Step 6: make donuts from cottage cheese.

Pour a large amount of vegetable oil into a dry cauldron so that the donuts can drown in it. We put the container on medium heat. When the contents of the cauldron are well warmed up (and this is approximately 3-5 minutes depending on the amount of oil), reduce the fire. Gently spread here a few pieces of cakes with holes and fry for 4-6 minutes. As soon as the donuts increase in size and are covered with a golden crust, we take them out with a slotted spoon and lay them out on a plate covered with kitchen paper towels. Let the paper absorb excess fat. Meanwhile, we will fry the next batch of baked goods.

At the end, leave the dish aside to cool to a warm state. Immediately after that, sprinkle the donuts with icing sugar to taste and can serve to the dessert table.

Step 7: serve the cottage cheese donuts.

We put ready-made donuts from cottage cheese on a special flat dish and serve with tea or coffee. Believe me, the pastries are so delicious that in one minute nothing will remain on the plate. Help yourself!
Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- To make the donuts very tasty, it is best to use fat homemade cottage cheese;

- you can grind the cottage cheese with the help of a meat grinder. To do this, use a fine mesh and grind the component at least 2 times;

- baking can be cooked with various fillings. For this we need a confectionery syringe. After frying inside the donuts, you can add condensed milk, jam or any cream.