Why You Should Drink Sparkling Wine for the Super Bowl

Why You Should Drink Sparkling Wine for the Super Bowl

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Don't believe us? Here are 3 suggested sparkling (and sweet) wines for game day

Of all the drinks we've recommended for the Super Bowl — beer, cocktails, shots — there's always someone who needs a glass of wine at the party. But why go for the bubbles instead of your regular wine?

Well, there's more of a reason than just to celebrate your team's win (or mourn your team's loss) — sparkling wines and champagnes are the perfect pairing for fried foods. Don't believe us? Wine Enthusiast explains that it's all about the salt: "Sparkling wines are a home run with salty, fried foods. The carbonation and yeasty acids emulate beer and clean the salt from your palate, while adding more interesting textures and flavor nuances," reads the primer for food and wine pairings. So those wings and any other fried foods at the party just found a new partner in crime.

From the wine writers and sommeliers we've worked with, here are some of our favorite champagnes sparkling wines for the fried food goodness of Super Bowl Sunday:

Charles Heidsieck Brut NV

Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut NV

Mumm Napa Prestige NV

Want more wine suggestions for the Super Bowl? Learn how to pair your party foods with rieslings, sauvignon blancs, zinfandels, and syrahs.

Super Bowl cocktails by the quarter

There is no event too trivial for the fiefdoms of flackery to overlook - National Kahlua Day, anyone? - so as the Super Bowl approaches, our inboxes are filled with an astonishing range of drink suggestions, from the curious (Raven on the Rocks, promising until we noticed the grape-flavored vodka) to the appalling ("Super Bowl for the Ladies," which mostly involved Prosecco).

Amid this blitz of naggery, one important message was salvaged: Having a drink playbook for the big game is essential. Ours being a proper drinking town, a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon won't do, no matter how ironic your handlebar mustache.

Of course, as H.L. Mencken would have sworn, schooner of beer in post-deadline hand, Baltimore is also a serious drinking town. (We never got the Natty Boh thing, but Fritz Maytag is a genial guy and surely he'd ship out some extra Anchor Steam.) So getting your drink plans in order seemed essential.

This is in no way to dissuade you from good beer, and with prodding from the Yorks, the 49ers are getting as serious about serving good wine as a team can be. But this felt like a cocktail year.

The trick with a cocktail lineup for game day is to devise a progression of drinks that will carry you through the many highs (and, hopefully, few lows) of the day. They should be relatively easy, since you don't want to be distracted from the screen for too long, and as a host you want to look smooth, like Vernon Davis smooth, behind the bar. Tip: Most of these can be prepared in advance.

First quarter

If there's a time for a moment to cross the aisle to Ravens partisans, it's early on. I searched for a small dose of equanimity to the lineup, something from Baltimore's cocktail elite, but my searches led me to a Guinness-Tequila mix called the Train Wreck. Also the Baltimore Bang, a variation on whiskey sour that adds apricot brandy. While we hope both drink names have unintentional irony next Sunday, they hardly seemed like game drinks.

What, then, of the Harbowl? For two brothers, where else to turn but Two Sisters Bar and Books in San Francisco's Hayes Valley? I put to bar manager Michael Cecconi the challenge of coming up with a companion cocktail to his Two Sisters.

The result: Two Brothers, which is apropos in more ways than one. It actually invokes many brothers - of the monastic sort.

The Carthusians have been responsible since the mid-18th century for making the herbal liqueur Chartreuse, perhaps the most famous monastic product in the world. Then there's Benedictine, created in tribute to that order's abbey in the Normandy town of Fecamp. The "D.O.M." on every label - "Deo Optimo Maximo" ("To God, most good, most great") is even worthy of a Colin Kaepernick tattoo.

As Cecconi puts it, the drink involved "the holy brothers and the secular ones coming together to entertain us." He doubled down with barrel-aged bitters from Fee Brothers in Rochester, N.Y.

I'd also asked Cecconi if he could use rye. Credit where credit is due: Maryland has a long and proud history with America's other great whiskey, and in particular with a style that's a bit fresher than its Pennsylvania counterparts. Maryland rye was once a staple for bars across the land. There, perhaps, is our dose of amity.

Second quarter

Time for refreshment after brown liquor, and time to pay homage to the greatness of 19th century San Francisco, a theme immortalized even in the 49ers' name. This means the time of the Barbary Coast, of grand saloons and of pisco, the grape-based brandy imported at the time from Peru.

Pisco punch is one of our great contributions to the drink canon, ever since Duncan Nicol devised it at the Bank Exchange in the late 1800s, acceding to San Francisco's endless thirst for the spirit. And the pineapple is just right to wash down whatever salty snacks you've been hoovering since the pregame show.

While Peru is tradition, as a bonus you might seek out the pisco made by Fresno's Marian Farms (available locally at Cask). Consider this a tribute to Kaepernick - who, true enough, is from Turlock. But Fresno is a lot closer than Peru, and we'll add producing brandy to the things that we have over the Old Line State.

Third quarter

Time for a tribute to our host city, and what better spot than New Orleans, where drinking is virtually a civic duty? While a dose of absinthe in a proper Sazerac would help steel you for the return of GoDaddy ads, a more sessionable drink can be found in the Vieux Carré, named in tribute to the French Quarter, where it was invented at the Hotel Monteleone in the 1930s.

SUPER BOWL XLI / Miller time? Or maybe it's Merlot time / Beer and wine matchups tackle challenging game day foods

Wine is not the traditional beverage that comes to mind when watching the Super Bowl. Custom has it that beer rules the roost, along with sloppy snacks loaded with salt, spices and hot sauce.

Most game day foods work surprisingly well with wine. For a football party, this is not the time to dust off that bottle of vintage Bordeaux or cult California Cab -- it's informal food, and inexpensive wines work very well. Just keep in mind that the bolder (and spicier) the food, the greater the challenge when it comes to your wine pairing. For our beer picks, the rule of thumb is the hotter and spicier the food, the darker the beer.

Wine: The best match depends on the spiciness of the guacamole. For a milder version, try a crisp Sauvignon Blanc with tropical fruit flavors and maybe a little herbaceous lift. If the guacamole is spicy, an off-dry Riesling works well.

Beer: Pick a beer that matches the smooth texture of the guacamole, such as a pale ale. We tried the Australian Cascade Amber, which was smooth, creamy and able to take on the stronger flavors of the guac. If the dip's heat is mild to medium, try a Pilsner beer like Beck's. (Guacamole recipes from the Jan. 31, 2007, Food section.)

Wine: If your chili recipe is fairly mild, plenty of wines can cozy up to a simmering bowl. Bold wines and delicate wines do not blend well with chili. If you go red, keep the wine young and fruity with good acidity to match the acid in the tomatoes. An Italian-style Sangiovese works well. A somewhat sweeter Zinfandel, like some of the Zins produced in Sonoma, will stand up to the spice in the chili. Think contrasting flavors -- spicy and sweet. If the chili is really hot, try a sweeter white wine.

Beer: A no-brainer here -- select a frosty Corona or a Negra Modelo and a wedge of lime. It's refreshing and the lime works great with chili, no matter how spicy.

Wine: With salty foods, your best bet is sparkling wine or a Prosecco. The bubbles cut through salt and add a little effervescence in the mouth. However, there are also many flavored potato chips. An Australian or California Shiraz stand up to the spiciness of the pepper in salt and pepper chips. For something like cheesy-flavored Doritos, go with a medium and fruity Zinfandel.

Beer: Plain chips work with nearly every beer. For a thick-cut, flavored chip, a crisp, hop-flavored beer like an India pale ale will stand up to the crunch and quench your thirst.

Wine: People put all kinds of toppings on tortilla chips, making this a tough call. For nachos without jalapenos, start with a bold California Syrah made in more of a Shiraz style, which is softer and immediately drinkable. A medium-bodied Pinot Noir will work with chicken try Merlot with beef and cheese. The juicier the wine the better this is football, so you can slurp.

Beer: If spice and jalapenos dwell on your nachos, go for a malty beer -- Anchor Liberty Ale has a firm malt background that will cool the tongue. You can't go wrong with Anchor Porter either.

Wine: No matter how tempting, there are few red wines that can make a spicy chicken wing sing. Sweet pinks like White Zinfandel or sweet Lambrusco cut the spice and are low in alcohol. If you dip the spicy wings in either ranch or blue cheese dressing, serve a Washington state Riesling or Gewurztraminer -- they take the heat and stand up to the blue cheese. A Chardonnay that's crisp, with lots of acidity and lemon flavors could also take the heat.

Beer: Mild or wild, a bitter beer works with the chicken and spice. If the wings are mild, try a lighter-colored bitter beer -- spicier needs the darker bitter to take on the hot sauce. With Frank's Red Hot sauce, a hefeweizen brought those wings to their knees.

Wine: The key to a good pairing is what's on top of the pie -- but the wine should have reasonably low acidity and lots of fruit. The temptation is to serve Italian wine, such as a light Chianti or a Dolcetto d'Alba, but you can get the same synergy with a California Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc, Nebbiolo and especially a medium-weight Zinfandel. Watch the alcohol levels since high-octane wines will bury the flavors of the pizza.

Beer: Who wants just cheese on a pizza for the biggest football game of the year? Slather the pizza with toppings and look no further than the Anderson Valley Brewing Company's Boont Amber Ale or the Hop Ottin' IPA -- the beers work well with nearly every olive, pepperoni or mushroom on a pizza. For less traditional pizza (garlic sauce, artichokes, chicken), a pale ale the likes from Deschutes Brewing Company fits the bill.

Super Bowl 53 Cocktails: Score A Touchdown At Your Party With These 50 Tasty Recipes

Huh-hut-hike! Super Bowl 53 sees the New England Patriots go for their third NFL championship within the past five years. Standing in their way is the resurgent Los Angeles Rams, a franchise that hasn&rsquot won a championship in 20 years. Whether you&rsquore rooting for Tom Brady or pulling for Jared Goff, there&rsquos one thing for sure: your Super Bowl party is not complete without a delicious cocktail. Thankfully, we&rsquove compiled over thirty different recipes for you to choose from.

If you like vodka, tequila, or even want a MOCKTAIL, we&rsquove got something lined up for you. As always, the following recipes are for those who are 21+. Drink Responsibly. Don&rsquot commit a major party foul with unnecessary inebriation.

Tito&rsquos Touchdown

  • 1L Tito’s Handmade Vodka
  • 16 cups lemonade
  • Strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries for garnish

Method: Combine Tito’s Handmade Vodka and lemonade in an infusion jar or pitcher. Serve over ice in a mason jar mug and enjoy! (Serves 10-15)

Tito&rsquos Hail Mary

Method: Just add Tito&rsquos Handmade Vodka, Bloody Mary mix and ice to a shaker. Shake and pour everything into a pint glass. Go wild with your garnishes! It doesn&rsquot make you a bad person. Try celery stalks, olives, dill pickles, pickled green beans, lemon, parsley, bacon, cheese cubes, boiled shrimp, the works! (Serves 10-15)

Deep Cranberry Bliss

  • 5 oz. Deep Eddy Cranberry Vodka
  • .75 oz. ginger syrup*
  • .75 oz. Tait Farms spiced apple shrub
  • ½ oz. fresh lime juice
  • 1 dash of apple bitters

Method: Shake and strain into a highball glass. Top with a splash of club soda and garnish with dried cranberries and a lime wedge.

*Peel and mince ½ pound ginger. Add ginger to 8 cups water and bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer 20 minutes. Strain and discard ginger. Add 8 cups sugar, stirring to dissolve.

Angry Party Punch

  • 2 bottles Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider
  • 6 oz Vodka
  • 12 oz Peach Juice
  • 12 oz White Wine
  • 5 oz Lemon Juice
  • 3 oz Simple Syrup (1:1 Sugar and Water)

Method: Build in a large punch bowl and top with Angry Orchard Crisp Apple. Garnish with lemon wheels, strawberry slices and peach slices

Blended Blarney

  • 5 oz. Kerrygold Irish Cream Liqueur
  • 75 oz. Koskenkorva Vodka
  • .5 oz. Honey Water
  • 5-6 Slices of Banana
  • Pinch of Pink Sea Salt
  • Ice

Svedka Shandygraff

  • 1½ parts SVEDKA Colada
  • 3 parts Corona Light (ice cold)
  • 2 parts lemonade (cold)
  • 1 lemon wedge

Method: Pour SVEDKA Colada, lemonade, and the juice of 1 lemon wedge in a shaker. Add ice and shake briefly. Strain into a pint glass. Top with Corona Light. Garnish with a lemon wedge.

The Golden Goose

Method: Top with Ginger Beer. Build in Collins glass over fresh ice. Garnish with mint sprig.

The Caramel Apple

  • 1 ½ oz Grey Goose Original
  • ¼ oz Monin Salted Caramel Syrup
  • 3oz Fresh Apple juice
  • ½ oz Fresh Lemon juice
  • Garnish: 1 caramel apple lollipop

Shaq Diesel

Method: Garnish with Lemon Rock Candy Stick

Capri Sun-day

  • 1 oz. Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka
  • .5 oz. Aperol
  • Lime
  • 1 dash grapefruit Juice


  • 2 part Stoli® Blueberi&trade 2 parts
  • 1 part Fresh Lime Juice 1 part
  • ½ part Simple Syrup (or Agave Nectar)
  • Splash of Lemon-Lime Soda
  • Blueberries to Garnish

STOLI ® RED Hot Rulebreaker

The Manmosa

  • 5 oz Ketel One Oranje
  • .75 oz fresh orange juice
  • .5 oz maple syrup
  • 3 dashes orange bitters
  • Topped with Belgian White Ale

Method: Combine first four ingredients into a mixing glass. Shake with ice and strain into a highball filled with ice. Top with White Ale, garnish with orange wheel.

That&rsquos The Spirit

  • 1 oz. Crystal Head Vodka
  • ½ oz. premium melon liqueur
  • 3-4 fresh mint leaves
  • ¼ oz. freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 1 ½ oz. fresh pineapple juice

Method: Muddle mint leaves and Crystal Head in a shaker. Add ice and remaining ingredients then shake well. Strain and pour into a cocktail glass.

CASA Super Bowl

  • 5 oz. Casamigos Blanco
  • 1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
  • .5 oz. Simple Syrup
  • 2 Dashes Orange Bitters
  • Top off with Blonde Beer

Corralejo Tequila Pineapple & Blackberry Margarita

  • 2 ounces Corralejo Reposado
  • 1 ounce pineapple juice
  • 1 ounce lime juice
  • ½ ounce agave syrup
  • 5 fresh blackberries
  • Salt (for rim)

Method: Salt the rim of your glass. Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake hard to chill and combine ingredients. Strain into your glass over fresh ice. Garnish & Enjoy!

Mango Chile-rita

  • 5 ounces Mango HI-CHEW Infused Reposado Tequila**
  • 1 ounce fresh orange juice
  • .75 ounce fresh lime juice
  • .5 ounce simple syrup
  • 1 dash Bittermens Hellfire Habanero Shrub (optional)
  • Kosher salt and cayenne pepper for garnish

Method: Run a lime wedge along the lip of one half of a rocks glass, then roll that side of the glass in an equal-parts mix of kosher salt and cayenne pepper. Measure all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Fill with ice, shake vigorously, then strain over fresh ice in the prepared rocks glass. **INFUSIONS: The infusion ratio is one piece of candy per ounce of liquor. Soak the candy until dissolved.

Hornitos&rsquo Big Game Shandy

  • 10 parts Hornitos® Plata Tequila
  • 24 parts fresh lemonade
  • 12 parts Mexican lager
  • 2 parts fresh lime juice

Method: Combine all ingredients in a pitcher with ice and stir. Perfect for serving the whole group at your Super Bowl party.

Se Busca A La Casa Margarita

  • 5 oz Se Busca Joven Mezcal
  • 75 oz lime juice
  • 75 oz agave nectar
  • 5 oz Cointreau or triple sec

Method: Place all ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a rocks glass with a half salt rim and lime

The Añejo Tackle

  • 5 oz DeLeon Añejo
  • 4 oz. Sparkling Apple Juice
  • 2 dashes of Angostura bitters (optional)

Method: Shake. Strain. Garnish with an Apple slice or Lemon Wedge.

The Platinum Kickoff

  • 5 oz DeLeon Platinum tequila
  • .75 oz Lime juice
  • .5 oz Simple Syrup
  • Salt

Method: Shake. Strain. Garnish with a mint leaf.

  • 2 parts Casa Noble Reposado Tequila
  • 2 thin slices jalapeño
  • 1 Tbsp sliced ginger
  • 1 part lemon juice
  • 75 parts simple syrup
  • Ginger ale or ginger beer
  • Dash bitters
  • Lemon wedge

Method: Muddle jalapeño, ginger, lemon juice, and simple syrup in a shaker add ice. Shake until chilled. Strain into glass over ice, top with ginger ale or ginger beer add bitters. Garnish with lemon wedge

The Brady Brunch | Crafted by Rebecca Ramirez, San Francisco

  • 1 ½ parts Tequila CAZADORES Blanco
  • 1 slice Jalapeño
  • ½ part ST. GERMAIN Liqueur
  • 1 part Blood Orange Juice
  • Seltzer

Method: Muddle the jalapeño in a cocktail shaker and then add the tequila, ST. GERMAIN, orange juice, and ice. Shake and then strain over ice. Top with seltzer and garnish with a wheel of blood orange, a cilantro sprig, and a jalapeño peel.

Todd’s Tequila Touchdown | Crafted by Koryn Tibor, Miami

  • 2 parts Tequila Cazadores Reposado
  • ½ part Aperol
  • ¾ part Lime Juice
  • ¾ part Passion Fruit Puree
  • ¾ part Fresno Pepper Agave

Method: Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice shake for 30 seconds. Strain and serve over ice.

Kicking Mule

  • 5 oz Patrón Añejo
  • 1 oz Ginger beer
  • .75 oz Lime juice
  • .5 oz Agave syrup*
  • .5 oz Averna
  • 2 Jalapeño coins
  • + Cherry for garnish

Method: In the bottom of a mixing glass, muddle one jalapeño coin and agave syrup.* Add remaining ingredients except for ginger beer and shake with ice to chill. Strain onto fresh ice in a mule mug and top with ginger beer. Garnish with a jalapeño coin and a cherry on a pick.

*Agave syrup: Mix 2 parts agave syrup to 1 part water.

Method: Combine ingredients in a mixing glass and stir with ice to chill. Strain on to a large ice cube in a double old fashioned glass.

Camarena Bloody Maria

  • 5 parts Camarena Silver Tequila
  • 3 parts Bloody Mary Mix (or choice of tomato juice
  • 2 dashes of hot sauce (more if desired)
  • 2 dashes Worcestershire sauce
  • Pinch salt and pepper
  • Squeeze of a lime wedge

Method: Add all ingredients into a Collins glass filled with ice and stir together to combine/chill. Garnish with celery, lime or other garnishes of your choosing.

Camarena Pineapple Chili Margarita

  • 2 parts Camarena Reposado
  • ¾ part Simple Syrup/Agave Nectar
  • ¾ part Lime Juice
  • ½ part Triple Sec
  • 3 Muddled Pineapple Chunks
  • Pinch of chili powder and sugar

Method: Add ingredients into a shaker filled with ice and shake vigorously. Rub lip of glass in chili mixture. Strain mixture into a glass filled with ice. Garnish with rosemary sprig.

Blueberry Caipirinha

  • 2 oz Novo Fogo Silver Cachaça
  • 4-5 blueberries
  • half of a lime
  • 5 tablespoon fine sugar

Method: Slice the lime in half and discard the pith. Cut into slices and drop into your glass. Cover with fine sugar and muddle to extract the juice from the flesh and the oils from the peel. Add the blueberries and give &lsquoem a muddle, too. Add cachaça and ice, and give it a shake. Try adding various fruits or herbs when in season: berries, blood oranges, kumquats, basil, and mint all have their own flavor profiles

GO RAMS Cocktail

Method: Combine blue curacao and grenadine in cocktail shaker with ice. Shake to blend and chill. Strain into champagne flute. Top with Barefoot Bubbly Brut Cuvee


  • 3 ounces Barefoot Bubbly Brut Cuvee
  • ½ ounce raspberry syrup or ½ ounce raspberry liqueur
  • ¼ ounce blue curacao
  • 1 large whole fresh strawberry

Method: Place raspberry syrup in bottom of champagne flute. Carefully place whole strawberry on top of raspberry syrup. Slowly pour Brut Cuvee on top of strawberry. Strawberry will begin to float. Carefully pour blue curacao over top of strawberry.

RUFFINO&rsquos Sunday Funday

  • 3 parts Ruffino Lumina Pinot Grigio
  • 3 parts rooibos tea
  • ½ part lemon juice
  • Lemon peel

Method: Infuse the Ruffino Lumina Pinot Grigio with cinnamon overnight in the fridge. Brew the Rooibos tea and allow to chill. Add sugar to slightly sweeten the tea. Combine all ingredients into a highball glass, add ice, and stir. Add a lemon peel for garnish.

Kim On The Field

  • 1 part Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc
  • 1 part vodka
  • 1 part fresh juiced watermelon
  • 1 part simple syrup
  • ½ part lemon
  • 1 ½ part soda water
  • Dash of grapefruit bitters
  • Grapefruit peel for garnish

Method: Mix first five ingredients in a shaker and pour over ice in a highball glass. Top with soda water. Add a dash of grapefruit bitters and garnish with grapefruit peel. Servings: 12 oz serving

L.A. Crownberry Apple

Method: Mix 1.5 oz Crown Royal Apple into glass. Fill to the top with cranberry juice.

Wicked Hot Toddy

  • 5 oz. Crown Royal Vanilla
  • 1 TSP fine grain sugar
  • 2 small cloves
  • 5 oz. boiling water

Method: Mix 1.5 oz Crown Royal Vanilla, grain sugar and cloves into glass. Fill to the top with boiling water.

Woodford Reserve Orange Mule

  • Woodford Reserve Distiller&rsquos Select
  • Gents Mule Cocktail Mix
  • 5-6 dashes of WR Orange Bitters
  • Ale-8One Ginger Ale
  • Orange and lime wedge
  • Orange and Lime twist

Method: Fill a mule mug with ice, Pour Woodford Reserve Distiller&rsquos Select, Gents Mule Mix and bitters over ice. Fill with Ale-8-One Ginger Ale. Squeeze Over and drop in both the orange and lime wedges. Rim the glass with both orange and lime twists, then hang both twists on the rim of the glass. ENJOY!

Tangerine Rosemary Old-Fashioned

  • 5 oz. whiskey
  • Angostura bitters, to taste
  • 1 tsp. honey
  • 1 oz. Tangerine Juice
  • Ice
  • Sprig of rosemary
  • Tangerine slices, for garnish

Method: Combine all ingredients. Garnish with Tangerine slices & sprig of rosemary.

Russell&rsquos Reserve Boulevardier

  • 1 oz. Russell’s Reserve 10-Year-Old Bourbon
  • 1 oz. Campari
  • 1 oz. Cinzano 1757 Vermouth
  • Orange slice, for garnish

Method: Combine Russell&rsquos Reserve 10 Year Old Bourbon, Campari, and vermouth in a cocktail shaker. Fill with ice and shake vigorously until the outside of shaker is frosty (about 30 seconds). Strain into a chilled rocks glass over a large ice cube. Garnish with orange slice.

Good &ldquoOld Fashion&rdquo Touchdown

Method: Shake. Strain. Garnish with a lemon twist.

The Side Line.

Method: Shake. Stir. Rimmed with sugar.

NOLET&rsquoS Silver Cherry Smash

  • 5 oz. NOLET&rsquoS Silver Gin
  • 5-6 Muddled Cherries + More for Garnish
  • .5 oz. Lime Juice
  • 2 oz. Coconut Water
  • .25 oz. Simple Syrup (optional)
  • Jalapeno Slices and a Dash of Salt for Garnish

Method: Muddle cherries with lime juice in a cocktail shaker. Add coconut water and simple syrup (if coconut water isn&rsquot sweet enough) and shake with ice. Pour over ice in a Collins glass and garnish with a cherry, jalapeno and a dash of salt.

NOLET&rsquoS Silver Peach Old Fashioned

  • 25 oz. NOLET&rsquoS Silver Gin
  • 25 oz. Simple Syrup or Honey Syrup
  • 1 Peach Slice
  • 3 Dashes Peach Bitters

Method: Muddle peach slice with syrup in a mixing glass. Add NOLET&rsquoS Silver, peach bitters and ice, then stir. Strain into an ice-filled rocks glass. Garnish with a large orange peel.


  • 2 oz Neversink Gin
  • 5 oz Honey simple syrup
  • 5 oz Lemon
  • 3 oz ginger beer
  • Fresh apple slices to garnish

Method: Build in highball over ice, top with 3oz ginger beer, garnish with fresh apple slices

Neversink believes in quality in, quality out. By sourcing the apples from a single orchard in New York, Neversink is able to fully verify the quality and provenance of the base ingredient for Neversink Gin, whilst minimizing its production footprint on the planet.

Jagermule Punch

Created by Flinn Pomroy, Sweetwater Social

  • 125 oz Jägermeister
  • 5 oz Fresh Lime Juice
  • 5 oz Ginger Syrup
  • 35 oz Bigelow Orange & Spice Tea
  • 60 oz Soda Water (add to taste)
  • 2 whole oranges sliced into very thin discs.

Method: Combine Jägermeister, Lime Juice, and Ginger Syrup to punch bowl. Bring 5 cups of water to a boil and add 5 tea bags of Bigelow Orange & Spice. Remove water from heat and allow to steep for 6 minutes (You will have more tea brewed than you are actually going to use.) Add 35oz of Bigelow Orange and Spice tea to the punch bowl. Stir punch vigorously. Add soda to taste. Top entire punch with sliced orange discs. Serve over ice in traditional Mule Tins or in another receptacle of your choosing. Garnish with your teams’ assigned garnish – and enjoy responsibly.

Hot Cheetos-Dusted Beer (Check out the Instructional video here)

  • Chill Coors Light until mountains are blue.
  • Select a chili paste hot sauce and pour into a bowl.
  • Grind hot puffed cheese sticks into powder with a food processor.
  • Pour powder mixture in shallow bowl or plate and create a &ldquowell&rdquo for the can.
  • Dip top of Coors Light can in hot sauce.
  • Tightly pack powdered hot puffed cheese sticks onto rim with spoon.
  • Dip Coors Light into welled powder to create thick rim.

Black Velvet


  • Alternate sipping a shot of whiskey and a Guinness Draught, letting the flavors mingle in your mouth.

Guinness Bloody Mary

  • In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, combine 1 ½ oz. vodka, 3 oz. tomato juice, two pinches of celery salt, two pinches of pepper, two dashes of hot sauce, two dashes of Worcestershire sauce, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Shake gently, and strain into an ice-filled glass. Top the drink with Guinness Draught beer, and garnish with a celery stalk and lime wedge.

Cure Light Wounds (Created by Austin Hartman at Montana&rsquos Trail House)

  • Fernet-Branca
  • 1 oz. Rye
  • .5 oz. smoked maple syrup
  • 1 oz. Ginger beer
  • Orange oils

Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade Mocktail

Method: Pour equal parts Strawberry Lemonade & sparkling water. Garnish with strawberry & lemon slices.

Share All sharing options for: Ask a Somm: What Kind of Wine Pairs With Super Bowl Snacks?

Not only is Kevin O'Connor the founder of Northern California's beloved LIOCO winery in Santa Rosa, but down south he's also proprietor and wine director of Santa Monica's year-old aestus restaurant. At his sleek beachside number, O'Connor oversees a slew of New American, California-styled plates (from a tangerine and fennel quinoa bowl to roasted chicken with hummus), plus a worldly wine list heavy on European and local Cali producers. Below, the wine wizard mulls game day-appropriate juice just in time for Sunday's Super Bowl.

Q: With the Super Bowl coming up, I am wondering, which wines pair best with snacks like wings and nachos?

O'Connor: When I'm gearing up for the long day of buffet-grazing on Super Bowl Sunday, I like to kick it off with some bubbles. With all those appetizers and snacks, you need something refreshing and clean to cut through the grease of items like chips and dips. Sparkling wine works with all iterations of those dips — from artichoke to white bean to hummus and, of course, the endless salsa variations, regardless of the spice level. And for those of you serving charcuterie and cheese boards, there's nothing better than bubbles.

With all those appetizers and snacks, you need something refreshing and clean to cut through the grease .

These days I look no further than Domaine de la Bergerie and their delicious Crémant de Loire ($22). This mouth-coating non-vintage beauty delivers just the right everything to pair well with all the chips and dips you can toss at it. It's made from 100 percent chenin blanc and has very fine bubbles, with perfectly placed fruit notes of peach and pear . finishes rich, yet clean.

If you're feeling flush and don't mind spending more, ask your wine retailers if they can get some Guy Larmandier Brut Rosé ($52) . it's also a non-vintage wine.

I love riesling for the kickoff too, especially a dry one or perhaps one with just a touch of residual sugar. Ask your retailer to help you distinguish between a trocken (dry) riesling or a kabinett level wine that won't overly sweeten your palate. My choice would be 2014 Josef Leitz Rüdesheimer Trocken Riesling ($24). It's got the perfect balance of power, mouthfeel, dryness, with flavors of sweet lime, smoke, and spice.

For the chardonnay lovers I'd love to convert, a wine made with white Rhône varieties will deliver immense pleasure. Ask your retailer about wines made with any combination of grenache blanc, marsanne, roussanne, clairette, or viognier, and you need not spend more than $20-$25 to enjoy an excellent example either from California or France. My choice on this day would be from the highly respected folks at Tablas Creek Vineyards in Paso Robles. This most ambitious project is completely dedicated to Rhône varieties and stands alone in what it has accomplished in its short history. Try your best to acquire a bottle of their 2014 Patelin de Tablas Blanc ($17). It's a blend of grenache blanc, viognier, roussanne and marsanne.

. I would stay away from delicate, brightly-fruited red wines .

As you move into the bigger bites of spicy wings, pizza, ribs, burgers, and steak, I recommend switching to red wines. Generally speaking, I would stay away from delicate, brightly-fruited red wines, like pinot noir or gamay-based wines, or delicate reds. The red fruits and floral flavors don't pair well with spicy foods, barbecue sauce or the tomatoes that you'll find in salsas and on pizza. Look for more darkly fruited, fleshy red wines with some spice. Despite my own normal propensity for Old World red wine, this weekend I've got two wines in my carry case.

First up, Stolpman Estate Syrah ($27) from this family's venerable estate in Ballard Canyon, CA. This is the benchmark for Central Coast syrah. On the nose, gorgeous and subtle notes of cranberry, white pepper, and tangerine, and on the palate, a classic combination of blueberry/cherry fruit with a deeper meaty quality and pinpoint accents of clove and anise. You will not be able to put the bottle down.

And for a top-shelf big red to hold up to all the spicy, smoky, roasted, or grilled meats and sausages you'll be enjoying, look no further than Dave Ramey's 2012 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon ($45). This broad-shouldered wine has great power and focus, from the smoky aromas of black currants and cherries, to the broad mouthfeel abound with notes of dark fruits nuanced with tobacco, espresso and hints of cedar. If you want to score on Sunday, bring this winner to the party!

Lastly, the Italian varieties of barbera ($24) and dolcetto ($12) produce such easy drinking versatile wines, so I must also point you towards Palmina in Santa Barbara as the producer to buy. Alluring aromatics, polished mouthfeel, brightly fruited with soft tannins, their wines always capture the correct essence of these varieties, and they are priced so reasonably you cannot help yourself from grabbing multiple bottles. Your Super Bowl menu and guest list will be thrilled you did!

Have a wine-related question you'd like answered? Hit the comments.

The Food

You have the drinks covered, now it's time to think about the food. Game day parties are best with quick dishes, snacks, and finger foods: think dips, hot dogs, snacks, and other easy munchies.

  • Prepare all of the food ahead of time or ask guests to contribute a dish for a potluck.
  • Keep food warm with warming plates or slow cookers.
  • Designate one table for food and allow guests to help themselves.
  • Do everything you can to make clean up quick by using things like disposable (and recyclable) utensils, plates, and cups. Have a garbage can nearby.

If you're looking for delicious ideas, browse these quick and easy recipes:

  • You can never go wrong with chips and dips like the tequila-infused Herradura's big game salsa served with tortilla chips.
  • Wings are also an easy crowd-pleaser, so make up some Buffalo hot wings.
  • Choose a few super recipes for a game day party that are guaranteed crowd-pleasers.
  • Fire up the grill and enjoy favorite Super bowl party bbq recipes. Homemade Cajun boudin would be a tailgating hit.
  • Grape jelly meatballs make a tasty sweet-and-sour appetizer.
  • Easy party ham rolls will be the hit of the party.

7 Pairings to Supersize Your Big-Game Wine Experience

Make the most of your football viewing experience with these wine pairings that are perfect for your favorite big-game foods.

Related To:

Assorted appetizers

Many dishes of bite size appetizers and party food

Here’s something you may not know. A national chain that specializes in lusty wings and busty women (hint: the place rhymes with “looters”) pairs 20 chicken wings with a bottle of Dom Pérignon.

Now, I bring this up not to suggest that you should seek wine advice from this den of orange spandex, but to concede that they are dead-on in their pairing, at least gastronomically. Champagne and its less-expensive stunt doubles, Prosecco, cava and American sparkling wine, are positively perfect with the salty, smoky and often spicy nature of wings. The tanginess and effervescence of a dry sparkler will pierce the greasiness of wings and deglaze your tongue faster than you can say “happy hour,” a useful fact with the Super Bowl almost upon us.

With this in mind, here are six other pairings to supersize your Super Bowl wine experience.

Salsa (and Chips) and Sauvignon Blanc: The mouthwatering acidity and grassy character of Sauvignon Blanc scores big with salty chips and the tomato-y tang and herbaceousness of salsa.

Guacamole and Torrontés: Got Guac? Go for a crisp medium-weight white like Torrontés from Argentina, which often has the added benefit of a slight peachiness that will cool down spicier versions of guacamole.

Popcorn and Chardonnay: Buttery popcorn paired with rich, creamy Chardonnay is as lovably flavorful as the Chicago Bears’ classic Super Bowl Shuffle.

Pigs in a Blanket and Pinot Noir: If your pigskin day includes pigs in a blanket, which, I have observed, may also be the world’s most enthusiastically consumed wedding appetizer, pick a chillable mustard-loving red like a light Pinot Noir.

Pepperoni Pizza and Petite Sirah: It is almost un-American not to have a big pepperoni pizza at your shindig, so consider washing it down with the hearty, American-made, meat-friendly Petite Sirah.

Finally, don’t overlook the pro athletes who make great juice. Golf legend Greg Norman has a compelling portfolio of whites and reds from Australia and California, while fellow linksman Ernie Els makes quality reds from South Africa. Racecar champion Scott Pruett does a brilliant high-end Cabernet Sauvignon under the Pruett Vineyards name. And to really run up the score, try football great Drew Bledsoe’s memorable Doubleback Cabernet Sauvignon from Washington State’s Walla Walla Valley.

Mark Oldman is a wine expert, acclaimed author and lead judge of the series The Winemakers. He shares with readers the basics of wine, while making it fun and practical.

Fare Game: Super Sliders and Steak from Atlanta and New England Chowder Two Ways

On Sunday, Feb. 5, the NFL’s Super Bowl LI lands in Houston's NRG Stadium, pitting the high-flying Atlanta Falcons offense against four-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. For wine lovers heading to Texas for the big game, don't sleep on Space City's dining scene: H-Town is a haute cuisine hotbed, and the Lone Star State has a stacked roster of Wine Spectator Restaurant Award winners.

Most of us, however, will be eating and drinking at home for the big game. To make the most of our hosting opportunity, and to celebrate Atlanta's first trip to the Super Bowl since 1999, we've asked chef Christopher Grossman of Atlanta's Award of Excellence–winning Atlas restaurant for a few Falcons-themed recipes: Atlas Sliders with smoked gouda–pimento cheese, and Atlas Steak, with fondant potatoes and garlic-braised spinach.

Georgia is home to some of the finest down-home Southern cookin' and barbecue in the world: shrimp and grits, fried chicken and biscuits, Brunswick stew, slow-cooked ribs, peach cobbler and pecan pie. But the Atlanta dining scene has for years been on the leading edge of the movement making comfort cuisine cosmopolitan, and nobody classed-up the joint more than Atlas restaurant when it opened in the St. Regis hotel in January 2015.

The crown jewel of the Tavistock Restaurant Collection, the Atlas dining room serves as a museum for the art collection of Tavistock founder Joe Lewis guests enjoy their wine-and-food pairings in the company of a rotating selection of works by Marc Chagall, Chaim Soutine, Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud and others. Chef Grossman was lured away from Napa's Grand Award–winning French Laundry, and wine director Caleb Hopkins oversees a carefully curated list of about 250 wine selections. But it's not all high cuisine and white tablecloths at Atlas: The restaurant's new tavern menu stars sliders (wagyu) and pot pie (lobster).

The Atlas Sliders recipe we've included tips its hat to one of Georgia's comfort-food classics with a smoked gouda–pimento cheese topping. (For a deep dive into pimento cheese's place in Southern cuisine, check out last year's Super Bowl feature on Charlotte, N.C.'s Common Market.) Grossman's wagyu rib-eye cap is accompanied by decadent fondant potatoes and a creamy béchamel sauce.

But whether you opt for sliders or steak, wine or beer, Atlas' Hopkins has your pairings covered. He says think outside the box when it comes to pairing wine and beef: With Atlas Steak he goes for Sartori Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Corte Brà 2009. "It's a really fun alternative to Cabernet Sauvignon for matching steak," Hopkins explains. "The dried fruit sings once it interacts with the béchamel, and the ripe blackberries and plums [in the wine] come jumping out once you get the fat from the steak. It's all about balancing."

If beer is more your speed, reach for a Georgia Brown ale from SweetWater, a local Atlanta brewery whose roots stretch back to the craft-brewing incubator of Boulder, Colo.

But you won't be able to get any of that at Atlas on Super Bowl Sunday—the restaurant is closing (to the public) for the night to host a party for its Falcons-devoted staff. "I'm from here, born and raised, so I've been a Falcons fan since forever," Hopkins said. "It's unbelievable to see the energy in the city [right now]. People everywhere are wearing Falcons garb and talking about the Falcons. It's amazing."

Atlanta vs. New England Super Bowl Party Recipes

Note: The following list is a selection of outstanding and very good wines from recently rated releases. More value wines can be found in our Wine Ratings Search. Or download our free Xvalues app for iOS.

Recommended White Wine Values

BUITENVERWACHTING Sauvignon Blanc Constantia Bayten 2016
This is refined, with a steely spine that lets gooseberry, verbena and white peach flavors streak through. A hint of shortbread adds range and mouthfeel along the edges. The long finish has lovely cut. Drink now through 2019. 5,000 cases imported.

ROBERTO ANSELMI Veneto White San Vincenzo 2015
An expressive white, creamy and lightly juicy throughout, offering flavors of blood orange granita, fresh tarragon, yellow peach and mineral, set in a light-bodied frame. The finish is juicy. Garganega with Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Drink now through 2019. 41,660 cases made.

BRANCOTT Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2015
Fragrant and juicy, with apple blossom, lime zest and chive blossom notes surrounding a core of intense and refreshing lemon and grapefruit flavors. Drink now. 150,000 cases imported.

ELK COVE Pinot Gris Willamette Valley 2015
Vivid and expansive, with tangy pear and cantaloupe flavors that play against hints of lime, finishing with polish. Drink now through 2019. 16,000 cases made.

RAVINES Riesling Finger Lakes Dry 2015
Still youthfully tight, this brims with tension as the long, minerally spine holds the core of yellow apple, star fruit and white peach flavors together. Shows serious cut and drive on the finish, with a mouthwatering echo of dried fennel seed. Best from 2018 through 2022. 5,125 cases made.

CHARLES SMITH Riesling Ancient Lakes Of Columbia Valley Kung Fu Girl Evergreen 2015
Tangy and zingy, with lively acidity that balances against gobs of ripe pear and apricot flavors, carrying through the long, lime-accented finish. Drink now through 2020. 160,000 cases made.

LACHETEAU Vouvray 2015
Very fresh, with lively pippin apple, green almond and green melon rind notes streaming along, backed by a light quince echo on the pure finish. Drink now through 2018. Tasted twice, with consistent notes. 19,170 cases imported.

POMELO Sauvignon Blanc California 2015
Lemon-lime, ruby grapefruit and green apple flavors are crisp and refreshing, with a note of matcha green tea on the finish. Drink now. 28,000 cases made.

BOGLE Chardonnay California 2014
Smooth and creamy, this is moderately rich and succulent, offering an elegant mix of pear, honeydew and fig flavors, with touches of citrus and spice. Ends clean and pure. Drink now. 583,000 cases made.

VIÑEDOS ERRÁZURIZ OVALLE Chardonnay-Viognier Colchagua Valley Viñedos Marchigüe Panilonco Reserve 2015
A buttery white, with well-spiced flavors of ripe pear, roasted peach and Golden Delicious apple, followed by notes of honeysuckle on the fleshy finish. Drink now. 40,000 cases made.

LINDEMANS Chardonnay South Eastern Australia Bin 65 2015
Ripe peach and pear flavors show plenty of floral intensity, with a juicy, spicy finish. Drink now. 140,000 cases imported.

Recommended Red Wine Values

COLUMBIA CREST Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley Grand Estates 2014
Broad and generous, open-textured and inviting, with cherry, currant and red plum flavors that swirl enticingly around the fine-grained tannins and creamy oak on the finish. Drink now through 2018. 170,000 cases made.

M. CHAPOUTIER Côtes du Roussillon-Villages Les Vignes de Bila-Haut 2015
This has finesse, with an iron core surrounded by blackberry, cassis, plum and garrigue flavors. Full tannins offer structure, with details of olive and bay leaf that linger into the savory finish. Drink now through 2020. 60,000 cases made.

HESS FAMILY LATIN AMERICA Malbec Salta Amalaya 2015
A fleshy red, with concentrated blackberry and dried blueberry flavors supported by fresh acidity. Mineral and dark chocolate notes linger with hints of white pepper on the finish. Drink now through 2020. 50,000 cases made.

VIÑA MONTES Cabernet Sauvignon Colchagua Valley Classic Series 2014
There's minerally freshness to the ripe dark plum, blackberry and cherry flavors, with peppery hints. Well-structured and crisp midpalate, featuring Asian spice and black fig notes on the finish. Drink now through 2020. 50,000 cases imported.

SNOQUALMIE Syrah Columbia Valley 2013
Sleek and seductive, this offers cherry, pomegranate, pepper and floral flavors carried by fine tannins that drape over the palate, finishing gently. Drink now through 2020. 10,000 cases made.

19 CRIMES Cabernet Sauvignon South Eastern Australia 2014
Offers good intensity, with raspberry and cherry flavors bursting through the creamy body, accented by red licorice and dried rose petal hints. Displays a slight chew to the tannins on the finish. Drink now through 2026. 100,000 cases imported.

CASA FERREIRINHA Douro Esteva 2014
A richly spiced and juicy red, filled with succulent flavors of cherry, raspberry and plum, backed by firm acidity. White pepper accents show on the fresh finish. Pinot Noir, Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca and Aragonez. Drink now through 2019. 166,666 cases made.

HOUSE WINE Red America 2014
This has a rich, ripe aroma, with a pomegranate element balancing the ripe cherry and spice flavors. Shows presence and suppleness. Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc and Carmenère. Drink now through 2019. 12,000 cases made.

FOUR VINES Zinfandel Lodi Old Vine 2014
Jammy and soft, with appealing notes of blackberry and smoky pepper. Drink now through 2025. 10,000 cases made.

CHARLES SMITH Merlot Washington The Velvet Devil 2014
Polished, fresh and inviting, with pretty currant and floral flavors, wrapped in a velvety texture as the finish lingers gently. Drink now. 149,500 cases made.

YELLOW TAIL Big Bold Red South Eastern Australia NV
Ripe and supple, with plum and berry flavors that mingle with notes of vanilla and root beer on the finish. Shiraz, Durif, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Merlot. Drink now through 2026. 697,898 cases imported.

What I&rsquom drinking

Original grapevines over 100 years old sit on a hill overlooking Silicon Valley at Ridge Monte Bello Winery Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018 in Cupertino, Calif. Jessica Christian/The Chronicle

I&rsquoll be watching the Super Bowl at the home of my friends Jordan and Stephen, who have said they&rsquoll be serving margaritas and beer. I also have a wine pairing plan. With a beefy, cheesy tray of nachos, I&rsquoll open Ridge Petite Sirah Lytton Estate Dry Creek Valley 2017 (13.8%, $40), which I&rsquom hoping will have enough structure and fruitiness to stand up to the meat and be able to handle spicy japaleño. (The grapes come from Sonoma County, not the Levi&rsquos-adjacent Monte Bello property.) With buffalo wings, I&rsquoll look for an aromatic white wine, like Fel Pinot Gris Anderson Valley 2018 (13.8%, $28), which should be able to handle a little fire. Plus, isn&rsquot it crucial to drink cold beverages with steaming, spicy chicken wings?

Finally, I&rsquom a fan of rosé with guacamole. The creaminess of guac demands something crisp &mdash you want tangy acidity to cut the slick fattiness of the avocado &mdash and rosé can offer a little bit of tactility that many lighter white wines lack. I&rsquoll be bringing over a bottle of Anaba Rosé of Grenache Sonoma Valley 2018 (13.4%, $30).

What other festive game-day snacks do you like? Who will you be supporting on Sunday? What other ways do you keep your Super Bowl snacking on the light side? Let us know in the comments below.

What other festive game-day snacks do you like? Who will you be supporting on Sunday? What other ways do you keep your Super Bowl snacking on the light side? Let us know in the comments below.

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