Cake dessert with cappuccino, cocoa and vanilla flavor, in three colors

Cake dessert with cappuccino, cocoa and vanilla flavor, in three colors

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Separate the eggs, beat the egg whites with salt and sugar until they become shiny, add the yolks one by one and mix until incorporated in the composition.

Put the vanilla sugar, vanilla essence, mix, then add the oil little by little, and at the end the flour mixed with baking powder and mix until you get a homogeneous composition.

The dough obtained is divided into 3 parts, slightly equal to only 2 parts, and the white part to be a little more than the other 2.

Dilute the cocoa and cappuccino in a few tablespoons of water (separately) and pour them over approximately equal parts of the dough and mix until everything is well blended.

Finally we have 3 compositions of 3 different colors and flavors: (vanilla, cocoa and cappuccino) !!!

In a cake tray lined with baking paper, put in the 3 colors, alternately, a spoonful of each (vanilla, cocoa and cappuccino) until the dough is finished.

Put the tray in the preheated oven at 170 ° C for 50-60 minutes!

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