Pork chop with pea puree and red pepper coulis

Pork chop with pea puree and red pepper coulis

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We clean the pork chop (skin and fat), we will leave only the meat and the bone (clean), we grease it with oil and we put it on the hot grill, we cover the bone so that it does not burn with aluminum foil. Let it take on color on both sides, after which we will put it in the oven for 25 minutes in a tray previously greased with oil and in which we put waxed paper. After the time expires, we check if it is done, if we can't leave it

Put the red pepper on the grill to bake it after baking, clean it, cut it into small pieces and put it in the blender, salt it, pepper it and add olive oil (it must be juicier) at the end passed through a strainer.

For the pea puree, boil the peas with the onion and carrot (cut into brown). After they have boiled, drain the juice. We will add butter in a pan after which we will lower the vegetables, we add salt, pepper and a little liquid cream, we leave it for a few minutes until the cream enters the vegetables after which we take it off the heat. Let it cool and blend well, after which we will pass the contents through a sieve.

The beets were boiled, about an hour, after which they are peeled and cut into cubes, and we will use a part to the puree, we blend the beets well (after we drained it of the juice in which it boiled) we add olive oil , salt and pepper.

The pistachio will be pulled into the pan (without oil) after which it will be chopped larger, it will form a crust for our chop.

We will cut 4-5 slices of leek and we will shoot it in a non-stick pan for a few minutes, we will also shoot the cherry tomato.

We take the piece of chop and dip it well in the beet puree so that it takes on color and the pistachio can stick to make a beautiful crust.

The base for the chop is made from poultry liver, boiled well, then we will add them in another bowl in which we have already prepared a little melted butter and liquid cream, salt and pepper, after a few minutes they will be removed from the heat and blended well, until a stronger paste results.

Decorate as in the pictures below.

This recipe is a combination between Chef Scarlatescu's recipe and Nico Lontras' wonderful ideas, I just tried to combine them as I thought best.

Good appetite

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